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c-c-c-cabbage, c-c-c-cucumber, c-c-c-cut up

Funny, I hadn't noticed until now that both tracks I'm posting tonight have to do (sort of) with weapons. "Weapons" by Son Lux asks that we put them down, while "Ccut Up" by Duchess Says sounds, at least, as if it's suggesting the opposite. The songs are also rather opposed in mood, "Weapons" being sprawling, elegant, and complex, while "Ccut Up" is blunt, aggressive, and noisy. Intriguingly, though, the two songs share some nicely abraded textures...and as it happens (I put them in a two-song iTunes playlist and flipped the order to listen to them twice each), both segue quite nicely into one another.

Duchess Says is a Montréal-based band of clerics (yes, it's true: the Church of Budgerigars - we Americans call them "parakeets") who subject synths to unspeakable torture. Son Lux is theoretically a single person (his mother calls him Ryan Lott). More of his work can be heard at his MicePace site.

Duchess Says "Ccut Up" (Anthologie des 3 perchoirs, 2008)
Son Lux "Weapons" (At War with Walls and Mazes, 2008)

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