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Sound like a good deal?

Scott Miller, ex-Game Theory and once (and future?) leader of The Loud Family, has recorded a cover of Chris Stamey's song "Cara Lee." It will be made available as a free download...but there's a catch. Here's the word from 125 Records:

One of our favorite charities here at 125 HQ is, which is dedicated to addressing the scarcity and inequitable distribution of learning materials and experiences in our public schools. Since the Loud Family's Scott Miller is the father of two young girls, it seemed like a cool idea to team up with Scott to raise money for DonorsChoose. He's come through with a wonderful cover of Chris Stamey's song "Cara Lee." I have the MP3 on my hard drive... and once this DonorsChoose project has been funded (it requires $403), it will be uploaded to as a FREE download!

That link again:


125records said...

$30 down, $373 to go... I hope this wasn't a totally insane idea!

Gil said...

I may be trippin', but I swear "Cara Lee" was a song Stamey wrote for Scott to do, and Scott was to write a song for Chris... Was it a dream???

2fs said...

Dunno - Sue or Joe might, though.

125records said...

I don't think so. It appeared on Stamey's album "It's Alright."