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I'm no longer of any particular religious faith, but I was raised a Christian. And sometimes I see certain products marketed by or to Christians, and I ask myself, what were they thinking?

For example, earlier today at a candy shop in the Milwaukee Public Market I saw an enormous chocolate cross - about 8" high, say. Yes, consider that your Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died for you to absolve your sins - now, in remembrance of His sacrifice, enjoy this yummy chocolate replica of the implement of His torture. Wha-?

Or these little items: I guess these cute little fluffy crosses might be an ideal way to introduce toddlers to the Christian faith - just as Jesus can comfort you in your time of sorrow, these cuddly crosses are smooth and velvety and pillowlike. (Not intended for actual crucifixion.)

Probably much more intrinsically offensive than either of the above, though, are the bumper stickers that make of religion essentially just another product - by borrowing well-known commercial catchphrases and adapting Christian messages. "Things Go Better With Christ!" "Got Jesus?" etc. I seem to recall reading that Jesus and the folks who were bringing the marketplace into the temple didn't get along so well...

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