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why we're screwed

This is truly pathetic. What's really sad here is that, as Polman points out, it takes almost no effort to find out at least the bare minimum about candidates and basic information about them. (In these folks' worldviews, also, McCain is a "maverick" and probably some sort of "moderate"...)

I think part of this stems from the annoying and misguided but well-intentioned efforts of officially neutral civic patriots who, every election cycle, emphasize the importance of voting. The importance of voting, yes - but what about the importance of having the first idea about the person you're voting for?

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Pete Bilderback said...

I've spent a lot of time in the past canvassing "undecided" voters. It is a truly bizarre and sometimes disturbing experience.

I'll never forget the NH voter who told me the only person who'd get his vote for president was Judge Judy. Or the person who told me that even though Iraq was a "big goddamn mess" they were voting for Bush because they were afraid Kerry would get rid of Social Security.

It was like a trip to Bizarro World.