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Not everyone knows that Rose's initial major in college was engineering. This should shed some light on the fact that it was Rose who dragged me off to the theater to see Iron Man earlier this evening.

It was kind of fun...although it's also odd that I've seen Robert Downey Jr. play the same self-centered, smarmy, yet charming smart-ass in like three movies in a row (we saw Zodiac the other night, and of course there was his wonderful turn in A Scanner Darkly). Not a masterpiece by any means, but fun. I should state that I'm not a comics-head, and I was utterly unfamiliar with any premises of the back story beforehand. There were some implausible points: maybe I missed any explanation, but at one point a character surprises Tony Stark (Downey's character) at Stark's if a tech-head multibazillionaire like Stark wouldn't have a serious security system. And the building of the first suit (what? there's a suit? and it's made of metal? How dare I give away key plot points!) took place directly under the noses of some of the apparently least suspicion-prone guards ever (poor job fit).

I will say this: Stark's last line and the credits that follow immediately thereafter? Best filmic punchline ever. And stay through the credits. (Because if you can give the name of at least four accountants involved with the making of the film, you get free admission to the sequel! Credits-bloat: when will it end?)


yellojkt said...

A GIRL dragged you to Iron Man. Turn in your guy card. I tricked my wife into seeing it and she thought it was okay. And I was onto the secret post-credit surprise when the Secret Homeland Insurance Extreme Dweeb showed up.

And the spoiler statue of limitations expires after one month or 200 million dollars.

2fs said...

Re spoiler statute of limitations: some would disagree.

I never got my guy card. I think it was lost in the mail. Does it have the rules on the reverse? Cuz I keep messing them up.

Gotta go - going shopping for a new Beetle...I mean, c'mon: how can you beat a built-in vase?