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Abraham and Isaac, Bush and his 9-iron

Not that there should be any doubt that George W. Bush is a man of character...but as you've no doubt read by now, Bush is saying that after hearing about the August 2003 Baghdad bombing that killed UN official Sergio Vieiro de Mello, he made a tremendous and near-superhuman sacrifice for his nation: he gave up golf.

I'm sure the parents of a soldier killed by a roadside bomb, or maimed and paralyzed for life, feel so much better knowing that the Commander-in-Chief will never again pilot a putt across the green, or be the decider in resolutely telling his caddy which club to use. "My daughter lost both her legs and faces lifelong treatment for psychological trauma...but her leader, he'll never yell 'fore!' again." Bush's noble gesture proves the depth of his compassion and the greatness of his soul.

Unless, of course, he's lying again, and he didn't give up golf so much as cut back a bit, and didn't so much do it for the troops as because he has a bad knee. But who could even think such a thing of our brave leader?

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