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or maybe I just need new glasses

I would have thought the logic of CAPTCHAs is to have humans read text that bots can't read...but not to practically solve an optical illusion puzzle. Here's a CAPTCHA I ran into the other day - the second set of letters is, what..."Schulte"? "senmlte"? "scnlte"? I don't even remember what I guessed now - I managed to get it right. Good thing you're allowed to try again!


yellojkt said...

I hate these things because I think OCR software has better eyesight than I do. Plenty of times I have to squint real hard to tell "rn" from "m" and all sorts of other blurred kerned pairs.

Anonymous said...

That one's not just a CAPTCHA, it's a reCAPTCHA!

It's no so much because the bots can't read it, as because they make awful proofreaders.