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bonus points for ubergeeky opening clause

In the Buffyverse, demons and vampires generally shun Halloween as being a pathetic excuse for humans to lamely pretend to be all evil-like and to rehearse the most clich├ęd stereotypes about demons, monsters, etc.

So, uh, Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope no one thinks I'm too much of a monster if I stay home tonight, kick back, and enjoy a few rounds of online kitten poker. (I won't argue with a beer or two, though.)

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czeltic girl said...

I had the same kind of night (as did most of my other Irish friends). And when a couple of us discussed the reason for staying in last night, we cited the same thing you did -- the Buffyverse. :)

Had a couple pints on Sunday when I walked past and unexpectedly found Paddy's open. Was nice. No tourists, properly poured pints. Much better than on St. Patrick's.

Half toying with the idea of stopping in for one tonight, as most of the rest of the universe will be home, nursing the remainders of their hangovers.