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string quartet

Violins "The Launderer" (Pink Water, 2006)
John Fiddler "Another 21st Century Day" (Miniatures 2 compilation, 2000)
Mike Viola "That Part of Me Is Dead" (Lurch, 2007)
The Cellos "Rang Tang Ding Dong (I Am the Japanese Sandman)" (1957)

That Violins CD was thrown into a batch of moving-sale CDs by Michael over at No Karma, and when I realized I'd also just acquired some music by Mike Viola, well, the subject was obvious. And then I realized that I'd come up with the idea just in time, too...because today is my friend Tonia's Jack Benny birthday...and she's a professional violist.


yellojkt said...

What a very cool thematic group. The Violins were password protected, so I couldn't get to it.

The Cellos sure wouldn't pass any political correctness test nowadays.

2fs said...

Ugh - I had some trouble uploading, and accidentally (somehow) made that file unshared. It's shared now - try again.

You're right...although amusingly, after the opening the song has about zero to do with "Japanese"ness. We've pretty much gotten rid of that musical cue for "Oriental" - now if only we can get rid of the cheesy, brush-slash fonts that connote the same.