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cat's eyes

Introducing Fritz, the photo-taking cat.

Fritz wears a small, waterproof camera around his neck which is set to shoot automatically every fifteen seconds. The battery lasts about an hour and a half, which is about as long as one of Fritz's typical rambles.

Apparently, Fritz doesn't mind the camera (or, in the not-entirely-idiomatic English translation of the site, it doesn't "argue" Fritz) - which surprises me, since if it were mounted on either of our cats, they'd spend quite a lot of time chewing on it or playing with it. I wonder how long it took Fritz to recognize that this toy didn't taste very good and was rather boring to play with.

(Via Steve S.)

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Gil said...

Thanks for the link! Fritz was a big hit w/the folks I sent it to. My wife loved it, and my ex-wife refuses to believe a cat really took those pictures...