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a tale of three buckets

2007 was the year of the LOLCAT...and, of course, the LOLCAT's buddy the LOLRUS and the sad tale of his missing bucket.

Before the whole meme becomes hopelessly last year (oh wait: it is), I found myself free-associating some of those ideas, which led me to make the following quick-n-dirty image - - which I think should be called I AM THE PAULRUS. (Okay. No, it shouldn't.)

Taking the other half of the walrus/bucket combo, I of course thought of this -

But here's the curious thing: seeing those two next to one another reminded me of another image, one that was in the Beatles' ill-fated Magical Mystery Tour television special, one that appeared in the accompanying album's which seems an obvious predecessor to Mr. Creosote, especially given that the Python guys and at least one Beatle (George) knew one another by the time of The Meaning of Life -


yellojkt said...

I had heard of lolcats, lolpresidents, and lolmodels, but lolbucket is just baffling. And not very funny.

2fs said...

For mitigation of bafflement

yellojkt said...

I googled it and my kid and I spent a half hour alternately laughing out loud and wondering which is the bigger waste of time, looking at silly lolrus pictures or making them.

2fs said...

To which the answer can only be "both." I'm sure the internet has benefited people and occasionally saved them time...but it also is the most ruthless time sink ever.