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t-shirt idea

Travel Anecdote #1: So, we're sitting at a restaurant and, as much of the conversation last week did (this is the way with parents of very young children), Tonia and Cason spent a lot of time cooing over how cute six-month-old Lanam is (and he is!). Tonia noted that people often think he's a little girl because he's so "pretty." That led to a comment about "pretty enough to be a girl," which led me - feigning hurt feelings - to claim that I too was pretty enough to be a girl. Of course, questioning looks all around - after which I modified my claim to "pretty enough to be an ugly girl."

I think you had to have been there - but I also think "pretty enough to be an ugly girl" would be an amusing t-shirt. Of course, very few people could or would actually wear it... (Tonia thought her friend Michael would, for sure - primarily because, as she said, Michael is sort of the gay version of me.)


flasshe said...

Hmmm, I thought that the gay version of you was... oh, never mind.

sholtebeck said...

Sometimes I wish I were pretty enough to be an ugly girl, so I could wreck myself in the shower.

2fs said...

Bloody red bats!