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Here's an irony. One advantage often attributed to our system of primaries, and to the Electoral College as well, is that it encourages candidates to do more than merely focus on the most populous states, thereby ensuring that more of the population is exposed to the candidates.

Yet here it is, not even February, and on the basis of a handful of primaries and caucuses in several relatively small states, already Edwards, Kucinich, Giuliani, and Thompson have dropped out of the race - which means that even if there were massive support for any of those candidates in the majority of states whose citizens have not yet had the chance to express an opinion, effectively supporters of those candidates have been denied a voice.

Brilliant system.

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Janet ID said...

You forgot Bill Richardson. And Biden, Dodd, - uh, Brownback, and several other GOP candidates and, well, Tommy Thompson! And just because you inspire me to point out these technicalities, Giuliani isn't officially out as of when you posted this.

But yeah, me and my March 4 primary get your point.

At least Mike Gravel's still in.