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a compromise

So they're going to build a bronze statue of Fonzie in Milwaukee. There's been some opposition to this statue from folks who don't want yet another reminder of the outmoded Happy Days/Laverne and Shirley image of Milwaukee...but the decision's been made, and we'll have to live with it.

My suggestion is that occasionally, we put the statue in a cheap suit and tie and proclaim it a Barry Zuckerkorn statue. That'll give it a hipper, more contemporary image, I think.

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Paula said...

In a former Brooklyn neighborhood of mine, the big bus terminal is called Jackie Gleason Terminal, and there is a life-sized statue of Ralph Kramden at the bus terminal in Manhattan. That's *two* homages to a single TV sitcom actor/character, in a city that has--I'm guessing--been the birthplace of more (genuine) historical figures than anywhere else in the country. This mystifies me.

So while the Fonzie thing is annoying, it seems to fit into a national epidemic of questionable taste and skewed historical perspective...