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Paula's doin' it, the Summervillain's doin' it - so even an educated flea like me can do it - let's post a picture of our workspace:
Damned camera's acting up again, with the blurry horizontal lines. I did a totally half-assed job of trying to blur them over...oh well. Unfortunately, even at the largest size (follow the link and click on the alternate sizes link above the Flickr image), the details of the various objects are somewhat illegible...although I just realized that's probably for the best, as some of them are student ID numbers on portfolios I've been grading. Still, a couple-few CDs (not part of my actual job) might be identifiable...anyone care to guess which CDs were sitting on my desk when I took the photo?


Paula said...

That is one cool-ass lamp.

2fs said...

I got it from Ass Lamps Unlimited. Or was it Nothin' Butt Ass Lamps?

Actually, it was from one of those import store deals - it's from Morocco and is apparently made of dead goat.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for gratuitous Stump references!