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Two Holiday Tunes

We're finally home after the annual whirlwind tour of relatives, and so it is that this song by Testa Rosa is most apt: "I Want to Be Alone on Christmas (Here with You)" (Testa Rosa's self-titled CD nearly made my top 20 this year; it's certainly one of the better releases by Milwaukee bands this year).

And in a rather different mood: A.C. Newman's been busy lately, pumping out new tunes - here's one of the most recent, called "Joseph, Who Understood" (it's one of two b-sides for the holiday-esque EP from The New Pornographers - a-side is Dan Bejar's "The Spirit of Giving").

Testa Rosa "I Want to Be Alone on Christmas (Here with You)" (Testa Rosa, 2007)
The New Pornographers "Joseph, Who Understood" (The Spirit of Giving (ep), 2007)

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