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I'm pathetic at finishing books. Not that I abandon them - I'm fairly compulsive about finishing books once I've started them - more that I don't have time to read them. (Perhaps I type too much...) So I thought I'd make a little list of the books in my to-be-read pile - and for amusement, maybe look back at this a year from now to see how many I've actually managed to read. They're in the order they're sitting there...which is basically order of acquisition.

Robertson Davies Fifth Business (informal workplace book exchange)
P.D. James An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (English dept. free book area)
Anne McCaffrey The Ship Who Sang (English dept. free book area)
Daniel Handler Adverbs (purchased new)
Colson Whitehead Apex Hides the Hurt (purchased new)
China MiƩville Iron Council (purchased new)
Susanna Clarke The Ladies of Grace Adieu (purchased new)
Douglas Hofstadter I Am a Strange Loop (purchased new)
A.M. Homes This Book Will Save Your Life (informal workplace book exchange)
Sherry Turkle Evocative Objects (English dept. free book area)
LD Beghtol 69 Love Songs - 33 1/3 (purchased new)
Franklin Bruno Armed Forces - 33 1/3 (purchased new)
Ben Sisario Doolittle - 33 1/3 (purchased new)
Don DeLillo Falling Man (gift)
Philip K. Dick Voices from the Street (gift)

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