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move over big bad wolf - it's the year of the horse

The spate of wolf-oriented band names seems to have given way to names referring to horses. Here's a list from my music database of bands whose names refer to horses or ponies - many of which are relatively new:

Ass Ponys
Band of Horses
Chris D & the Divine Horsemen
Crazy Horse
Horse Feathers
Horse Ing Two=Hit
Horse the Band
International Pony
Neon Horse
New Young Pony Club
Nine Horses
Poni Hoax
Ponies in the Surf
Pony Pants
Pony Up!
Red Pony Clock
Sixteen Horsepower
Telstar Ponies
Tex & the Horseheads
The City and Horses
The Dark Horse Project
The Golden Palominos
The Ponys
The Rocking Horse Winner
The Seahorses
The Silver Horseshoes
The White Horse Hillbillies
The Workhorse Movement
They Shoot Horses Don't They


Dana said...

Drunk Horse would be a worthy addition! Um, their two most recent albums are both very good. A nice track to sample would be "Legions" from Adult Situations.

Anonymous said...

I've been The City and Horses (among other monikers) since 2001!