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is this some sort of first?

It has been brought to my attention that two Presidential candidates (okay, neither one of which has a chance) have wives who are young enough to be their daughters. Both are, in fact, rather attractive women. For the Democrats, we have Elizabeth Harper Kucinich: And for the Republicans, Jeri Kehn Thompson:

Yellojkt-style Blatant Comment Whoring
: Who would get your vote?


125records said...

Elizabeth Kucinich. Check out that luscious British accent. Plus, she participated in a funny send-up of the FLILF phenomenon (like MILFs, except first ladies...) on "The Daily Show."

Now, if you were to give me the choice between being Mrs. Fred Thompson or Mrs. Dennis Kucinich... that would be a much harder choice. They are both 2's married to 10's!

yellojkt said...

Mrs. Kucinich wears a tongue stud if that would influence your choice at all.