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Happy Snakesgiving!

Today is the day we commemorate the heroic accomplishments of St. Samuel of Modderfock, who drove the snakes from the plains of Abraham during the Battle of Greenbier in 16116 (the proper pronunciation is "sixteen eleventy-six": people get that wrong for some reason), which allowed the native population to continue its colorful tradition of naming subdivisions after themselves so we, today, the descendants of their alien overlords, can fill the air with colorful displays of complex fluorocarbons and gorge ourselves in their memory.

At least that's my memory. There are few songs about this holiday. Here's one:

Arlo Guthrie "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" (yes, the full-length, fill-the-Watergate-tapes-gap version) (Alice's Restaurant, 1967)
(Oops! Too much bandwidth - had to withdraw this one. Drop me an e-mail if you desperately need to hear it.)

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