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the big red font of dumbness

For some time I've noticed that a certain type of movie - the kind in which fart jokes, it can cogently be argued, reach their absolute apogee - tends to feature gigantic red print, most typically a sans serif, all caps. At first I was thinking this look originated (appropriately) with Dumb and Dumber...but my memory's misled me, because the images of that movie's posters I've been able to find display the type in blue. The font is similar, though.

Anyway, as it turns out someone else has already gone through the trouble of creating a collage of many of the movies featuring the Big Dumb Red Font. It is a nice sort of consumer-alert feature (aside from the presence of Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, etc.), in that the promotion for these movies instantly informs viewers that they can park their IQ at home.

Update: And here's another page...

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The colors of movie posters.