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In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I present to you two tracks from our second-favorite eyepatch-wearing, swashbuckling, sex-obsessed dude: Momus. The first track is a version of Oskar Tennis Champion's "Is It Because I'm a Pirate?" prior to John Talaga's "mangling, micro-engineering and re-splicing."

The second is an Ocky Milk outtake called "Bonsai Tree," whose creepy minimalist dub (including "Imaginaican" accent) seems aptly piratical.

Both tracks were posted either at Momus's old website or at his Live Journal site Click Opera. Momus often posts tracks for free, but if you enjoy them and wish to donate to further his musical efforts, there's a Paypal link on this page.

(Who's our favorite EWSSOD? Why Xander Harris, of course.)

Momus "Is It Because I'm a Pirate?" (Oskar Originals, 2003)
Momus "Bonsai Tree" (2006)

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James said...

"(Who's our favorite EWSSOD? Why Xander Harris, of course.)"

Grrrr! Arrrrrrrgghh!

(sorry. couldn't resist.)