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good guess

Been busy...pre-semester preparation, meetings, etc. At one meeting, we were asked to introduce ourselves and, as a bit of a joke (connected to the subject of a paper we were to be evaluating), were asked also to name our favorite color. Naturally, many folks tried to be witty: "clear"; "! yellow!" etc. And naturally, I had to follow suit. So I said "Pantone 357."

This was a completely wild guess: in my daily life I don't have any particular need to know Pantone's colors, so for all I knew I'd just named some horrifying shade of puke-mustard beige.

Actually, I do like the color: (This is, of course, my computer's approximation and probably not utterly accurate...)


yellojkt said...

Looks like Hunter Green to me. Which was very popular in 1985.

2fs said...

Hunter Green...played centerfield for the Pirates then, right?