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Naturally, various popular cartoons have inspired websites which allow folks to generate images of themselves rendered in the style of the cartoon. Here are three examples:

Unlike the two Simpsons images below, the site I used to generate this (can't remember where it was, sorry!) has no connection with South Park, as far as I can tell.

This is from the "Simpsonize Me!" website (courtesy yellojkt), which is pretty obviously sponsored by Burger King. It is also slower than Hans Moleman - and it requires you to upload a large-ish image (480x640). It's pretty dumb at recognizing faces as well: of the two images I tried to use, both of which were closely cropped to remove extraneous details like beer bottles and papier-mache aliens, it could find a face in only one of them. (To be fair, that might be my fault. I'm not sure, though, why it thinks I'm Ringo Starr.)

This one's from the site for the Simpsons movie (warning: intrusive sound effects). This site requires no image to begin with (and I should note that the "Simpsonize Me!" site modifies the image so much, it bears almost no resemblance to the source anyway), so it's a bit quicker. As a Bearded-American, however, I'd say its selection of facial hair leaves a bit to be desired...rather amusing since, in fact, I've been told more than once that I sorta look like Matt Groening.

My verdict? The South Park site looks way more like me than either of the Simpsons sites. (Incidentally, I used this photo by Moxiemoo as source for the Simpsonizer site.)

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yellojkt said...

I see a little Jerry Garcia in it too.