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I can has komic histry?

Sheer brilliance. The artwork should remind you of George Herriman's immortal "Krazy Kat," and a close look at some details might suggest that the cartoonist is also a fan of John K. Hodgman.

(The slideshow is the most fun.)


Anonymous said...

The Royal Occidental Tuna Fisheries Ltd.

As you said, brilliant.

My next favorite goof on LOLCats: LOLMetal

Janet ID said...

Extraordinarily clever! But I have a quibble. It seems a touch disrespectful that these comix were "originally published" beginning in 1912, when Krazy Kat didn't make his/her 1st appearance until 1913. Also I might as well admit here that I had never freakin heard of LOLCats until yesterday.

2fs said...

Plus which, you know, acronyms like "ROTFL" and the like weren't really used until Al Gore invented the Internet!

Anyway: I wonder if that's an error - that the guy intended for the cartoons to be coincident with Krazy Kat - or whether it's supposed to be a predecessor to Krazy Kat?

Things I just found out: the dialect in Herriman is an exaggerated version of a true New Orleans accent (as opposed to the tourist industry's version), known as "yat."

Janet ID said...

I'm just sayin' it would be kinda big-headed for these cartoons to be a supposed predecessor to Krazy.