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For some reason, I was just reminded of one of my favorite pieces of contemporary art...but I'm not entirely sure I'm remembering it correctly. (Anyone know? Let me know...)

A few years back, one of the art displays in the old, utterly smoke-ridden Comet featured photographs of an installation (or series of installations), I believe by Brent Budsberg, that was created as follows:

1. Take a map and mount it on a wall.

2. Throw darts at the map.

3. Build enormous "darts," about fifteen feet tall, and install them at the actual locations designated by the darts on the map. (Clearly, some locations would be more amenable to this than others...)

There were a couple of photos of these enormous darts projecting from the ground - I'm pretty sure the darts were actually built and installed, and this was not just an elaborate Photoshop exercise.

The best thing would be, of course, if you were able to install the darts in the middle of the night - so passersby would come upon them suddenly and unexpectedly. Documenting those reactions would be wonderful in itself.

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