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Nigel Moulding, 29, a laborer with a London-based design agency, confesses that he is responsible for damages to the new logo for the 2012 Olympics, to be held in London.

"I'm afraid it rather fell right off the lorry, it did. Then it bounced across the floor of the multi-storey carpak a bit, and flew right out the window, falling fifty meters to the concrete embankment below."

Moulding says he was told to just clean the logo off a bit, and polish a few corners, and just not say anything about the incident. "We'll take care of it," management informed him.

"I thought it was bloody done for, all mashed up like that," Moulding commented. "I guess they decided they still liked it."


yellojkt said...

It more than fell of a lorry. Someone dropped it down the shaft of a lift and then ran over it with a train.

czeltic girl said...

That certainly would explain things better than having someone design it that way intentionally.