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Once again, I've switched hosts for my file storage: eSnips had become increasingly irritating, in that even as a signed-in member, often it would claim that my (and probably your) downloading limit had been reached...even if only one track had been downloaded, even if it had finished downloading five minutes ago.

Amusingly, when I switched over to eSnips after discovering it via Steve's site, Jonderneathica thanked me for finding it, and he switched over to eSnips. A week or so ago, Jon switched over to now I get to thank him for leading me to that site. We'll see how this works...a few test downloads and everything seems to be working okay.

(Addendum: this also means that people who've been unable to download stuff should be able to do so now...)

In other meta news, I clumb up on the roof and hooked up Google Analytics to the site, so now I can pick up all kinds of wild data-crunching...which mostly confirms what I suspected: I know most of you (readers, that is) by name. (And here I was hoping I'd be surprised by my multimillions of readers...) There are apparently, or supposedly, a few readers from far-flung locales such as Kuala Lumpur and Bangalore...but I'm not entirely certain they're human readers. If I'm wrong, and actual human beings who aren't interested in spewing a certain potted-meat food product are reading this, well hello to you in your wild other-end-of-the-world time zone.


Anonymous said...

Did you submit your site at

You can reach blogsearch by just typing in your browser window or click here

jon manyjars said...

Yer welcome. I found divshare through another blog, When I downloaded the Fall's FZ cover from your site this week, I assumed that you had figured out some kinda hack for eSnips.

2fs said...

Well, there are several possible links (with eNips). You can use the one they provide, which takes you to a page from which you can download. For a while, I was using a direct link that would just download right away...but I discovered it doesn't work so well if you're not an eSnips member. (That's "eSnips" - not "eNips" as I typed the first time. I'll leave to your imagination what sort of site "eNips" might be...) Anyway, as I said: too buggy. Plus I've discovered the uploading is quicker w/DivShare also.

Steve said...

I've never had any probs with eSnips, but haven't tried to download much (besides a couple of files from here).. Half of my six readers have complained about it, so I'll check out divshare.