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Here's a very cool website combining graphics, acoustic theory, and a species of ambient, generated music; I could probably sit there for hours. (Note: the sound and animation will begin playing immediately.) My only wish might be to make the MIDI files available so I could port them through a better sound source...but hey, it's just a random website, not Jesus's homepage*.

* redirects to this page: is that church arrogant or what?


Anonymous said...

You might notice that parts of that website lead to others that talk about how homosexuals should be let into the church. This led my school's web filter to block as "Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual interest," the grammatical mistakes theirs.

yellojkt said...

That is one trippy website. I may have to drop some acid so I can hear the colors and watch the notes.

Paula said...

That site is mes-mo-rizin'! It reminds me of spirographs.