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About a month back, my friend Steve posted covers of all the tracks on the first side of The Velvet Underground & Nico. He commented that he might post covers of the tracks on side 2, if he found the right tracks. Either he hasn't, or he's lost interest - at any rate, I'm going ahead and posting my selection of covers of the second side of that LP. Maybe Steve will post his own favorites (I had alternate selections for all but one track - "Black Angel's Death Song" - and I know Bettie Serveert covered that one...).

Mazzy Star "Heroin" (live in Berlin 1988)
R.E.M. "There She Goes Again" (Dead Letter Office - Murmur outtake)
Clem Snide "I'll Be Your Mirror" (Beautiful 2003)
Clock DVA "Black Angel's Death Song" (Advantage 1982)
Ride "European Son" (Heaven & Hell: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground - Volume One (1990)


Steve said...

We've made a tag-team VU&Nico covers!

Phil said...

This is my second attempt to thank you for these tracks...let's see if it actually goes through this time...

If so: Thank you for these tracks. (Both of you.)

choir said...

Mazzy Star's Heroin,i'v never hear it before!!
but the file is Expired,how can i get it?
Where could i find this song?Mazzy Star's live album?which one?