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killer snack food packaging!

In my never-ending quest to fill my mouth with things that prevent me from yapping alla time, I found a package of "poppadums" (so-spelled in this instance) made by some outfit called Kitchens of India. They're little mini-papadam chiplets - they're okay, but they come in a Pringles-style container. Apparently the preferred method of consumption is to pour the chips into your mouth by upending the can - because if you stick your hand in there and rotate it even slightly, you will discover that inner rim at the top of the container is very sharp metal. I am now trying to avoid bleeding on my laptop.

Now where did I put my lawyer?


Janet said...

A visual. Anyway, you could pour them into a bowl?

2fs said...

That would assume I was going to eat the whole damned can at once. Even I'm not that much a piggy! Anyway, I poured them into one of those zippable plastic bags. To Preserve Freshness!