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In an exclusive interview to be published in the forthcoming issue of Entertainment Today, President George W. Bush reveals that his admiration for Ronald Reagan runs more deeply than mere politics. Once his political career is over in 2008 (a likelihood Bush is surprisingly sanguine in accepting), Bush says he'll be doing a Reagan in reverse and pursuing a career in showbiz. Already, Bush has impressed director Trenton Quarantino, who will be helming a remake of The Wizard of Oz. "I was amazed and surprised at the depth of W's talents," Quarantino remarks. "In fact, it wouldn't shock me at all if we ended up pulling an Alec Guinness, Kind Hearts and Coronets on this one, with W playing all three of Dorothy's traveling companions." Quarantino says Bush was able to draw on his Vietnam-era experiences in his portrayal of the Cowardly Lion, his domestic policies in interpreting The Tin Woodman, and the war in Iraq for his uncanny embodiment of the Scarecrow.

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