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Here's a peculiar billboard, visible just south of the High-Rise Bridge from northbound I-94/I-43:

It would appear to be a pro-Republican billboard, at least upon examination: the upside-down Democratic donkey (oh-so-cleverly placed directly beneath the Republican elephant's asshole, as if to say that Republicans crap Democrats) suggests the point is that one should not be "stupid" but should instead be (as the dominant graphic has it) Republican. And of course the style - personal attack in lieu of substance, with a tasty soup├žon of adolescent scatalogy - is all too Rovean. (Not that the Dems are immune to sleaze, and not that they have all that great a record of accomplishment to point to lately - but the Republicans have the Democrats completely outdone in fiascoes, malfeasance, idiocy, bigotry, and outrageous disregard for human decency.)

The really funny thing, though, is that roaring by the billboard on the freeway at 60 miles per hour, it's pretty easy to miss the donkey. Without the donkey, the billboard presents quite a different message: here's the Republican elephant, and here's an admonition not to be stupid. Clearly, the two ideas go together: "Don't be stupid and be a Republican."

Someone's graphic skills need a bit of work.

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