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Floohg! Uft! Buhd! Grint!

Look, I know it's been forty or fifty years that bands have had to give themselves names more intriguing than "John Thomas and the Stank-o-tones," but it seems recent acts are resorting to apparently random nonsense syllables.

There's a Canadian act called the Duhks (pronounced like the fowl). There's a local act called the Mahp (pronounced I have no idea: mop? map? ma-aa-aap?). And perhaps that's fitting - since the (recently re-formed) '80s Milwaukee act called the Gufs might be said to have started all this. (That band has some goofy explanation involving some obscure movie...but c'mon, guys, face it: to the rest of the world, it's a nonsense syllable, or a misspelling of "guff" - but why would you call your band that?)


Phil said...

I wish you had linked to John Thomas and the Stank-o-tones. I'm far more intrigued by that name than I am by The Duhks.

Keep an eye out for my new prog-rock outfit, The Aksghfjshm.

Dave said...

I presume you've seen this?

Anonymous said...

I heard the Duhks on the radio recently. "The Old Cook Pot". I thought it was pretty good.