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A brilliant bit, wherein one's fantasy not only of chatting with David Bowie, but even having him write a song about you (on the spot, yet!) comes true...but at a cost... At Ye Olde You Tube. Bowie's looking good, too.

Note: I was made aware of this video over at Click Opera, and I'd just like to say, re the number of folks saying Bowie's all washed up: not so. I will admit that Never Let Me Down did, and that subsequent records weren't entirely cohesive or strong - but in retrospect, the stylistic restlessness was a good sign: he was at least not resting on a sound. I do think his last two titles (Heathen and Reality) show how he's confident enough now to reclaim large swaths of his classic sound without feeling like (or coming across as) an oldies act. Too bad it's been too long since his last release...

(I may post a track or two when I get home...ooh, posting from work, bad boy!)

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