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poor old Tom

Pity the poor two-dollar bill. Along with its counterpart the dollar coin (of whatever type), it never really caught on. Perhaps that's because it's not a multiple of five, so you can't create change for the next-highest value bill with it. Yes, the same thing goes for twenties and a fifty - but the higher values mean change is made less often. (Speaking of which, any idea why it's a twenty-dollar bill and not a twenty-five dollar bill, which would seem to make more sense in some ways?)

At any rate, once people started imagining the bill was rare, it was doomed: receiving one, people would keep it, collect it, rather than spend it (and thereby circulate it).

Perhaps, say, to buy a guitar:

Two Dollar Guitar "Oiseau Blue"
Two Dollar Guitar "Turnaround"

Also: a very intriguing article on music blogs over at marathonpacks - well worth reading.

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