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I've finally finished a project I've been thinking about, assembling samples for, and delaying for several years - that being a collage of samples from Game Theory and Loud Family songs put together in the manner of the Residents' "Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life," which is (obviously) assembled from bits and pieces of Beatles songs.

It's too damned hot to do anything outside, and this last weekend I came up with some ideas about structure and which samples would work where, so I decided to finally do the damned thing. It came together pretty quickly - maybe eight hours. Anyway, without further comment I present "Beyond the Valley of Lolita Nation."

Now I just need to hope Scott Miller doesn't sue my ass.

The Residents "Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life"
The Monkey Typing Pool Mimeograph Brigade "Beyond the Valley of Lolita Nation"


Anonymous said...

oh, loevely.

Your Days For Days is showing.

Anonymous said...

There's no way to edit that, right?

That should go "Oh, lovely" but apparently I was raised by wolves on the least hospitable bend of that river from Deliverance.