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coffee grounds and rinds

I've been a bit frustrated by the slow working pace forced upon my noisemaking attempts, so even though I have the ideas for one song complete and am working on tracks, and a lot of ideas for another one done (although not a thing recorded), I decided I would force myself to act quickly. So, yesterday evening, I came up with some lyrics and a few musical ideas, and this afternoon I recorded two acoustic guitar tracks, some cardboard-box percussion, and a vocal. There was one false guitar take and one bad vocal take; otherwise, everything you hear is first take...(clears throat) and very heavily edited. I still have a lame-ass sense of rhythm. It's certainly easier to work quickly when I don't worry about the lyrics making a damned bit of sense.

So here it is: "Lance Crocker, Almanac Cracker" by the renowned Monkey Typing Pool.


flasshe said...

Exquisite. So what voices guided you during the making of this short but sweet masterpiece? You should market the cardboard box.

rsfkqx! rsfkqx!

2fs said...

Ha. Office Depot already sells the cardboard box. I just stuffed a pillow in it, put a mic on the pillow, put the lid on, then banged on it. Then compressed the poop out of it. The signal, not the box. I'll take credit for the Bisexual Chord, however: "Am I G? Am I C? I am both!"

He rides a donkey
through the city
He wears trousers
'cause his knees aren't so pretty

in swerving traffic
past oil derricks,
under bridges
to his Uncle Eric's (yeah!)

He carries compasses
in leather satchels
In canvas, corduroy,
and smells of burning matches,

a switchblade ego,
a turnpike mind,
an appled oranger
spilling coffee grounds and rinds


Lance Crocker
Lance Crocker
Lance Crocker
Almanac cracker


Amusingly, there is apparently a "Lance Crocker" in the world. No relation.

Paula said...

I really like this, 2fs! And your voice is reminiscent of Andy Partridge.

2fs said...

Andy Partridge, eh? Can't say I hear it - but then, last time someone said I sounded like David Thomas, and I couldn't hear that either. Although there is a certain hiccupy similarity in those two singers' voices, I guess. And at least it's singers I like - not "you sound like that guy who sang with Rick Wakeman on the ice-skating album" or something.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Allan Crocker. I came across this site on a whim by imputting my father's name into Google, and, voila, here we have this!

You say on your blog that "Amusingly, there is apparently a "Lance Crocker" in the world. No relation." Well, there IS indeed a Lance Crocker in this world; he lives in British Columbia, Canada, and has been a truck driver for over 30 years! (and yes, he does indeed have ugly knees!!