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timely (sort of), for once

I Am A Media Whore dept.: Yes, a fine and upstanding publicist from Touch & Go Records e-mailed me a link to this track this very morning, and here it is not even midnight and I'm dutifully posting it here, just as God and T&G intended! But that's because it's a good song, not least because it speaks to the anger and frustration I feel at the condescension, arrogance, and incompetence of the powers that be and their imperial corps of hangers-on, lackeys, and rectum groomers. And yes, that frustration and anger is also, I'm sure, a transmutation of my powerlessness to actually do much of anything for the victims (victims, not co-instigators) of this disaster.

Anyway, here's TV on the Radio with a brand-new song, called "Dry Drunk Emperor," whose title should be self-explanatory. Lyrics are at online here.

In a different vein, both musically and lyrically, Steve Goodman's classic "City of New Orleans" is, of course, nominally about a train of that name. But in its elegiac delineation of things whose time has passed, it is perhaps sadly relevant to the train's namesake city. Whatever form it takes - if it takes one - the new New Orleans will have a hard time living its laissez les bon temps rouler without looking back, and the "Big Easy" sobriquet will rest a bit less easily.

TV on the Radio "Dry Drunk Emperor"
Steve Goodman "The City of New Orleans"

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