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I'm on vacation - that's why there've been fewer posts, and none with music. Anyway.

Addendum to the post on metal from two weeks ago: while I understand why metal bands choose names that are scary and death-oriented, that desire can sometimes seem pretty with the most ridiculous name in the genre I've come across. And that is the band Obituary.

Okay, it's death-related...but how scary is the thought of 4-point type detailing Aunt Myrtle's love of flowers, her beloved grandchildren Timmy, Sara Jo, and Kimberly, and her request that well-wishers offer donations to the Poodle Fanciers of America? I mean, c'mon're just not trying hard enough.


summervillain said...

One time I played with a metal band called The Misbegotten. The jokes just write themselves!

Alan said...

How would this be for a triple bill? Lassitude, Brittle Nails, and Persistent Cough.