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a (not very difficult) quiz

What fact (other than being recorded in the 1960s) do the following tracks have in common? (Answers next time.)

Winston's Fumbs "Real Crazy Apartment"
The Syn "14 Hour Technicolour Dream"
Bodast "Nether Street"


Anonymous said...

Q: Would your quiz have been to easy if you'd also included a song by Tomorrow?


-Steve Howetebeck

2fs said...

Yes, that would have been way too easy. I could have tried to fool people by putting one of the many records Rick Wakeman did session work on...but as he wasn't a band member of those acts, that would have been cheating. And I'm rather curious to hear the singles Jon Anderson released in 1967 or so under the name Hans Christian Anderson...even though my suspicion is they're not all that good.