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As most of you know, for the last week we were hosting and tour-guiding a contingent of friends (i.e., you). The first days after such visits are always full of mixed feelings: on the one hand, it's nice to be able to relax, to do whatever you want, to not have to worry that something is about to be ruined by a two-year-old...but there's also this lingering sense of absence, that something's just missing - that something, of course, being the joy of the presence of a bunch of people you like a lot. And today's gloomy gray skies, followed by a (much-needed, in fact) downpour, just contributed to my general air of low-level depression.

So far, the left-behind items include one elastic hair-tie and a single copy of a mix CD one of us made for everyone else. Both cats survived their encounter (although Oranj of the sensitive tummy probably should not have licked up every foodlike substance he found on the floor) - hell, they dug all the extra worshippers (Amy in particular spent about an hour playing with and photographing them), even those who are small and haven't quite grasped the concept that cats aren't to be stepped on.

We are very lucky, and very grateful. Thank you all.

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Editrix said...

No no no, it is we who are grateful to you and the lovely Rose for your tireless warmth and bonhomie, not to mention stylish transport via Mini Cooper and your graciousness in opening your home to a bunch of rapscallions.

I'm glad Lumen and Oranj weren't too traumatized -- I hope to have some photos uploaded this weekend.