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The odd thing about entirely market-driven pop music is that it's curiously clueless about its core market. What do I mean? Well...consider that for years, young teenage girls have been the main purchasers of pop singles. As everyone knows, young teenage girls are, by law and regulation, entirely mad about horses and ponies. And yet, as far as I can recall, only one chart-targeting artist has taken this into account, and written a song quite clearly aiming at the pony-mad teenage girl audience. I speak, of course, of Michael Murphey's immortal "Wildfire." (Murphey, by the way, has apparently made a career being a "singing cowboy poet." Seems a bit obscure - I mean, "banjo-slinging railroad-man painter" or "trombone-playing astronaut actor" were already taken, I suppose? But hey - gotta milk the one hit single for what it's worth.) I mean, what more could you ask for? There's a mysterious horse, a girl who rides it, tragic death, and, you know, emotionally resonant meteorological phenomena. What's wrong with all you pop-bound songwriters? Just as the teen male demographic may be accessed through songs about cars and girls (as The Dictators knew), the teen female demographic wants more songs about horses! (Curiously, Patti Smith doesn't count.)

But not all at ADS is names ending in the letter "i" with little circles above them; no, many very manly things have been afoot here lately. Why just today, I spent the holiday engaged in the following activities, certain to enhance my manly status among those who keep score of such things: I ate a large breakfast involving meat, eggs, and cheese; I purchased some items at Menard's; I used a shovel, a drill, and a hammer to put up a structure in the yard; I discussed trucks, trains, and automobiles with a wizened male relative; I cooked and ate meat on the grill in our backyard; I drank a couple of beers. I probably lose points for not watching men (and a woman or two) in logo-festooned jumpsuits driving massively-wheeled cars very fast over and over again in circles - but I'm sure I can make up for it by browsing a website about guns or pornography or flat abs or something.

Michael Murphey "Wildfire"


Anonymous said...

Okay, I will admit that the songs you posted in the previous entry are both better then Wildfire. Just remembering that tune make me want to off myself.


2fs said...

No Rog - don't do it! Don't you want to be around to hear the new CD by the latest winner of American Idol? Oops - better call 911...

Anonymous said...

What about "Run For The Roses"?

2fs said...

"Run for the Roses"? Don't know it - when exactly was it a hit, and by whom? The AMG entry for that song title is unrevealing - I mean, Dan Fogelberg (sorry - wait a moment while I'm sick) did a song of that title, as did a few other folks (including - yes! - Michael Murphey) but, uh, "hit"? Don't think so... Anyway: one other song only proves my point that there's a paucity of horsemania-oriented tunes directed at the teen and preteen female audience. There's gold in them thar, uh, verses - I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

"Don't know it - when exactly was it a hit, and by whom?"

Early-'80s, Dan Fogelberg. It was top-ten, perhaps top-five.

From sire to sire, it's born in the blood
The fire of a mare and the strength of a stud

How could pre-teen girls not swoon over lines such as those?

"Anyway: one other song only proves my point that there's a paucity of horsemania-oriented tunes directed at the teen and preteen female audience."


Anonymous said...

Belle And Sebastian?

Call it 2fs and the dream of horses.

On a completely different note: The Choir Chiefs?