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Following up on recent entries at The Mystical Beast and Spoilt Victorian Child, I checked out Bullette's music. And I'm happy to report both writers are right: this is an exceptional set of songs. Because the songs are all available at her site, I'm not posting any here - but what most impresses me about them is that they're simultaneously musically diverse but clearly the product of a particular musician's perspective and taste. Too often, "musically diverse" is another way of saying "it sounds like a compilation...of ten different mediocre bands in ten different lame styles," or that a musician has no sense of self and has merely been digging through the last several Officially Pronounced Hip styles at Pitchfork...but Bullette (you can think of the name as several puns, even though it's also just her surname) sounds instead like someone with a well-stocked music collection who loves and understands the different sounds and styles she works with rather than merely aping them for someone else's approval. Not to mention that what's cool doesn't seem to be in the least a functional criterion for her music: some of it, to be sure, would impress people hanging around outside cool record stores, but some of it would puzzle them or piss them off. No matter.

My only quibble is that the three tracks with the most synthetic atmospheres are grouped together near the end, which makes the difference in their sonic atmosphere stand out a bit gawkily. (The other quibble isn't mine: as Dana points out, a few tracks could be shortened a bit.) But this is definitely music that, even on first listen, makes me want to hear more, and makes me anticipate what Bullette will do in future recordings.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, I see your review has been quoted on Bullette's site...

I'll have to download the tunes when I'm at my home PC. Looks interesting.


Anonymous said...

digging through the last several Officially Pronounced Hip styles at Pitchfork

What would those styles be, right now, in your opinion?

- a

2fs said...

" 'digging through the last several Officially Pronounced Hip styles at Pitchfork': What would those styles be, right now, in your opinion?"

Sheepcore. Alt-Foxtrot. Neo-Ex-Post-Factoism. Brittlistics.

Really, I'm not so sure...since the ref was to unspecified musicians at unspecified times making use of Pitchfork (as synecdoche for the totality of hip opinionmaking) as pilferers' guide. But assuming you're genuinely curious what I think is hip right now...I'm pretty dreadfully unhip (witness recent post of "Wildfire"): if "a" is Aaron, I get more of a sense of the Year That Was from your end-of-year mixes than I manage to acquire on my own throughout the actual year (for which mixes and second-hand hipness I'm grateful, although more for the actual music than for the hipness-by-proxy). Actually it seems like a lot of relatively unclassifiable stuff is gaining critical footholds recently - a good thing.

Aaron said...

Yeah, sorry, that was me.

Thank you for the compliment on my mixes! I was actually asking if you thought Pitchfork in particular was overdoing something right now-- I try to keep any writerly zealotry to a minimum when handling a story about something that I feel like we've already raved about a lot, but I am only one gear in the Pfork editorial machine.