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yes, but could he have defeated the vampire women?

More on the religion beat: apparently, a movement is afoot to make Pope John Paul II a saint. While this seems to be yet another symptom of the kind of thinking that puts everyone who anyone's ever heard of in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I think it's really just a case of media misinterpretation. Newspaper reports claim that crowds were shouting, "Santo! Santo!" - and assumed that (being Italian) they meant that the Pope should be sanctified.

In fact, they were simply expressing their devout wishes that this man be made the next Pope.


velvet lane said...

I think they were requesting that this fellow be made the Pope, and I agree!

Miles said...

You're both wrong - the crowds somehow confused the College of Cardinals with the Baseball Hall of Fame's Veterans Committee, and were requesting that this fellow be elected. And I agree!