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when comics collide

St. Patrick's Day. Darby Conley persuades Stephan Patsis to pretend he's Irish and go out for a "few" drinks. Hours later, as the bartenders glare at them and get ready to flex some closing-time butt-kicking muscle, the cartoonists are overheard discussing this "great idea" for a comic - each of them convinced it's his idea. Notes are scrawled on beer-stained coasters; cabs are called; drunks are slept off and, next day, a hangover haze fails to prevent each man from executing his "great idea."

Two weeks later, the strips are published on the same day. Fellow cartoonists snicker, and gather around both Patsis's and Conley's houses hoping to see the two duke it out - and provide fodder for more strips.

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Anonymous said...

Today's Fox Trot has the same plot as well. It's an April Fool's Day prank between the three cartoonists. This sort of thing used to be more prevalent than it is now, but at least we got *something*.