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I'm wondering where the whole "Blanky McBlank" characterization-thing know: like yesterday afternoon I momentarily spaced out while driving, and ended up one lane over. I apologized to Rose, saying "Sorry - turned into Drifty McLanechange there for a moment." It seems to me that I started seeing that sort of thing maybe a year or two ago...anyone have any clues where it might have come from?


Anonymous said...

Well, I picked it up from "Mission Hill," which is now in reruns on Adult Swim. That came out in 1999. They share some people with "The Simpsons," who've started doing it since then...

My favorite was Horny McWhackWhack.

- Michael W

Editrix said...

The Flaming Moe's Simpsons episode featuring Tipsy McStagger's Good-Time Eating and Drinking Emporium was in 1992, for what it is worth.

Anonymous said...

Topato from the web comic Wigu averted disaster by removing a nail-embedded wooden plank from the path of a landing airplane. He taunted his foe (the plank) by calling it "Naily McPopsalot".

Wigu's only been out since 2002, so it didn't originate there. But David Bowie said that it doesn't matter who does something first, what matters is who does some thing second. As far as meme propogation goes, this means that those who decide that something is worthy of imitation are as essential as those who create. I think.


Anonymous said...

Of course, I'm assuming all the cool kids read Wigu.


2fs said...

I think the new trend should be Russian patronymic-style: "Why do people hate me, Igor? Is it because I lack the requisite head of cattle to assemble an impressive dowry?" "No - it is your unfortunate odor, O Stinksky Stenchovich."