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last words on Bush and National Guard duties

1. CBS fucked up, yes - but that has nothing to do with the underlying truth of the forged document's claims.

2. Here's E.J. Dionne in The Washington Post (unfortunately, you have to register), noting that, for Republicans, "the Vietnam era was relevant as long as it could be used to raise character questions about Kerry. But as soon as the questioning turned to Bush's character, we were supposed to call the whole thing off." If it's relevant for Kerry, it's relevant for Bush.

3. And here, from Eric Boehlert in Salon, is a compendium of inconsistencies, omissions, and lies in Bush's statements about his Guard service. If Bush had nothing to hide, he could clear them up, instantly. He doesn't. Draw your own conclusions.

It should go without saying that Bush's dishonesty and incompetence in Iraq are far more important, and germane, than his dishonesty and incompetence in the Guard thirty years ago.

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