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new acquisitions in the 2fs collection

Periodically, when I'm bored (or you are), I'll put up lists of recent music acquisitions, with occasional comments.

These are from a recent used-CD haul:
Isobel Campbell Amorino

Hot Hot Heat Make Up the Breakdown

Radiohead Remix Project: pretty "eh" - there are creative remixes, and then there's adding dance-club percussion to sampled guitar licks

Tripping Daisy I Am an Elastic Firecracker

Jim White No Such Place: peculiar, interesting packaging as well (the music fits those adjectives)

Mostly new...
Gentle Giant Acquiring the Taste: prog time!

TV on the Radio Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes: As I mentioned over at The Mystical Beast in comments, I absolutely don't get why anyone would compare this to Peter Gabriel in any way. Odd, that...

Kraftwerk live at Coachella, May 2004: downloaded from that mysterious interweb thingy!

Lilys The Lilys: Yes, it's titled that way...because Kurt Heasley's a perverse bastard (the band name lacks the article, the title has it). This is a British reissue of last year's Precollection, with a few tracks featuring added parts (to fine effect), a seemingly sharper and better-balanced mix, three new songs (all pretty fine), and new sequencing and artwork. On Rainbow Quartz - although their online store isn't selling it, alas.

Julian Cope live 1987 at the Ritz (broadcast on MTV, apparently) / World Shut Your Mouth EP: I got these two discs in trade for another CD - pretty good, considering they were digitized from cassette and LP respectively.

Guided by Voices Half Smiles of the Decomposed

Sixteen Horsepower Hoarse (live, from eMusic)

The Grifters Full Blown Possession - another used find

Clinic Winchester Cathedral

Gary Numan and Tubeway Army Replicas (eMusic)

So yeah, tell me how much I suck...

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