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ghastly yellow saxophones...

A couple of years ago, I found myself wondering about the different sax solos Lisa "plays" in the opening credits to The Simpsons (yes, I do have better things to do, so shut up about it). Given the obsessive nature of certain Simpsons fans, I felt certain that somewhere on the web, there was a site devoted solely to the solos, with transcriptions and endless debates about which one was best, which best fit the tone of its respective episode, and which famous sax player should have played the solo. (In the same dream-universe in which Klaatu really did turn out to be the Beatles, and the Residents were moonlighting big-name pop-stars gone avant-garde, the Simpsons solos would have been played by famous saxophone players, for whom being chosen to do the solo would be a big kick, much as a Simpsons guest voice slot is for folks in this, the real world.) And I was really rather surprised to find that, as far as I could tell, at that time there was no such site.

Well, here ya go. Apparently there are even transcriptions elsewhere - can we expect Branford Marsalis to puckishly quote one of Lisa's solos on his next album?

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velvet lane said...

I love civilization. I love that, in a world where people are blowing each other up and torturing people, and destroying lives, that someone cares enough about stuff like this to devote a whole website to it. I'm not kidding. Minutiae = love.